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A Stylistic Tour-De-Force, Andii Styron Blends a Slew of Elements into a Genre-Bending Performance

Growing up Andii Styron listened to a lot of different music and kept all those ideas with her. Now that she’s a performer, she has kept up that spirit of eclecticism. Whilst rooted in folk, she has brought forth a number of approaches that have fallen a bit by the wayside. Her usage of the blues in much of her discography is outright inspiring. A great number of bands have forgotten the tremendous debt rock owes to the blues and the blues’ complete unvarnished honesty. She utilizes that sensibility in her own distinct way.

Lyrics within each of her songs tell their own story. These come from a life lived to the absolute fullest. Elements of failed relationships, failed systems, much of this make up a lot of her narrative. For these are direct engagements with the world around her. By keeping this intimacy, by being this honest, she trusts that the listener will follow her on this journey. Nor is she alone in this pursuit, similar to artists from Alanis Morrissette to Jewel.

Already, with one of her songs Heavy being played on New York Live Radio Station and accruing over 100,000 listens on Spotify, it is clear that her music is making a huge difference in people’s lives. Hopefully, Andii Styron’s ability to touch upon the essence of what it means to be alive in this very moment shall continue to reach those who need to hear it most.

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