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BTS’ V to Boost ‘FRI(END)S’ Hit Single With Cartier Fashion Video

V from Korean pop icons BTS will Tuesday unveil a live performance video in collaboration with French luxury brand Cartier in support of his – already hit – new digital single “FRI(END)S.”

Released at 1 p.m. Korean time on Friday, “FRI(END)S” is a pop soul song that is the artist’s first solo project since “Layover,” his debut solo album released in September. The English-language song is a love song depicting one person’s confession of love to a friend.

Less than 24 hours later, on Saturday, the track topped the iTunes Top Song charts in 87 countries and territories, his agency, BigHit Music, reported. The digital single was also at No. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song and European iTunes Song charts, respectively, as of 8 a.m. (Korean time) on Saturday.

V (real name, Kim Taehyung) became a brand ambassador for the French luxury goods brand in July last year and has represented the firm in various capacities.

The original video for “FRI(END)S” was released on Friday and has 12.7 million views, as of Monday afternoon.

The supplementary, Cartier video will released on Tuesday on W KOREA Magazine’s official website and social media channels. It consists of a live performance that captures V’s visuals and aura as a fashion muse.

“It begins with a close-up of V standing in the middle of Cartier Maison Cheongdam ‘La Résidence,’ adorned with luxurious tapestry that perfectly complements his sophisticated aesthetic. His sleek attire, that still exudes warmth with its rich brown and burgundy tones, is accessorized with gold Cartier jewelry and watch to accentuate V’s dreamy visuals to the fullest,” said a spokesperson. “V’s smooth vocals fill the room, which seamlessly traverse between low and high ranges. Through nuanced facial expressions that reflect his unwavering focus, intensifying in tandem with the song’s melody, V confidently showcases his magnetic presence as a solo artist with his distinctive sound.

Watch the video here:

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