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Ch3ls Offers a New Chapter in Her Career with “Hellbound”

Taking the blues from a completely different angle, Ch3ls has learned from Los Angeles and Nashville, judging by the poignancy of “Hellbound.” She expands upon her past in a way few would have expected. Yet her clever mix of hard rock with the blues is not uncommon, but it has become much rarer in recent years. Nods to metal highlight her well-listened ears as the riffs unfurl in this regal setting. Rhythms anchor it all, and despite the heaviness of the sound, her voice still manages to be the driving force here.

A personal track for her, it details her own life experience. Whereas all of her pieces have this sense of getting to know her better, this one also explains her move to Nashville. The lyrics focus on being trapped in Los Angeles, something undoubtedly familiar to anybody who has relocated there. Quite an enormous city, it sprawls out to the infinite without any clearly defined border. Instead, the endlessness can become stifling. She speaks to this quite well as she touches upon the enlightenment that led her to change her life. For all those who feel trapped in their current situation with no outlet for escape, Ch3ls indicates that flight is possible; it was for her, and it can be for anyone.

“Hellbound” features Ch3ls’ voice in a new way, capturing her sheer energy and bombast perfectly.

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