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From saxophone to sound design engineering, WHOiSEE has done it all! He truly is an inspiration to many.

WHOiSEE, aka Brett Hopkin, had an affinity for music from a young age. He had already mastered saxophone and guitar when High School rolled around, so he added six more instruments. Not only did he excel at performance in All-State Saxophone competitions, but he also stood out as Head Drum Major of the Marching Band and went on to compose a symphony dedicated to someone close who passed away – it’s no surprise that this paved the way for him establishing himself as successful dance music producer today.

Brett’s musical journey took a sudden turn when he was allowed to attend a Skrillex performance in 2012. This experience enabled him to discover the creative potential of Electronic Music Production, inspiring him to switch his major from music education and pursue Sound Recording Technology at Texas State University – thus beginning an exciting new chapter.

After surviving the many pressures and juggling several important facets of life, he decided to make a daring move – leaving college. Taking cues from Alice in Wonderland, he crafted an ambitious project that gained immense support, yet over time, it became monotonous for him, and COVID-19 presented another challenge. He realized it was now or never to determine his future direction.

He gained the tools to bring a unique perspective to his music through teaching. Every experience provides new insight into how best to express himself and create something exceptional, with each piece of art striving for true transcendence.

Check out his latest track, “This Is It,” out everywhere.

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