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henry K depicts the brutality of an unhealthy relationship on toxic love

The back and forth of “toxic love” frames the pain and heartache of being stuck with the wrong person, for henry K’s verses depict the conflict shockingly well. Genre-wise, it brings dance, pop, rock, and more together in this singular sound. Everything on here is on its toes, for the word choice conveys the unease of the world that comes from such unpleasantness. Best of all, henry K makes sure to offer no clear solution to this problem because there never really is. Instead, he makes sure to depict the good with the bad, explaining vividly what leads people to accept this.

Nimble riffs have an angular quality, for they perfectly foreshadow what follows. On the other hand, beats go for a challenging, heavy aspect making sure that it all feels perfectly keenly unbalanced. Indeed, almost every moment has this verge of tears/collapses, highlighting the tension that a difficult companionship can bring. Nothing ever gets resolved as it has this argumentative stance, weighing every option. For many, this is what toxic love embodies – the hate alongside the love, leaving the recipient confused and uncertain of what to do next.

“toxic love” neatly embodies the duality of a turbulent relationship, all the ups, and downs they represent, with henry K proving to have a deep insight into the way of the heart.

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