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Hidden Gem Alert: Nikki Taylor Vibe Releases “Fake Luv”

Nikki Taylor Vibe has been a performer from a young age, studying multiple genres of dance from the age of 3, acting in local theater and Off-Broadway Theaters, including the historic 13th Street Repertory, from the age of 8.   She was offered an opportunity to sing during some of her theater performances and fell in love with singing. From there she took many vocal lessons, both private and group, learning how to properly care for her voice as well as how to belt out those big notes. Nikki loves being on stage and connecting with an audience through song. Music has always been a huge passion of hers and she is excited to be able to share that with others. Currently, Nikki is working on her follow up EP which she hopes to release potentially by the end of 2022. She is also continuing improve her craft and perform in various shows and venues around NYC.

Nikki Taylor grew up in a musically inclined family and was exposed to different forms of music early on in her life. This exposure is evident in her own work which is influenced by R&B, pop, and Hip Hop. Nikki’s lyrics are deep and impassioned, often taking on a storyline design. This combination of genres and lyrical depth has resonated with audiences, leading to Nikki’s success as a musician. Her unique perspective and approach to music has earned her a loyal following among fans of all ages. Nikki continues to write and perform new music that connects with her fans on a personal level. Her willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles ensures that her music will continue to evolve, keeping her fans engaged for years to come.

Nikki’s progressed rapidly since her debut in 2020, with the release of her EP “Siren.” She followed that with three other singles, building anticipation for her 4th release, “Fake Luv.” The new single comes with a music video, Nikki’s first. The video is highly anticipated due to the dynamic production value promised. Her ever-growing fanbase is expecting great things from the up-and-coming artist. So far, Nikki has shown exceptional talent and an ear for what her fans want. With such a promising start to her career, it’s safe to say that Nikki is one to watch in the coming years.

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