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If You Love Biggie You Are Gonna Love Big MG

If you’re well-connected with the latest releases in the hip-hop world, you may have heard the name Big MG being thrown around by fans. With his single “Pop Out” reaching over 250,000 views on YouTube, people are already claiming Big MG to have success written in the stars for him – if one’s thing for sure, it’s that Big MG has a whole lot more up his sleeve for the world to find out about in the coming years.

The MG in Big MG stands for ‘Millionaire Grind’, the same name which was given to the rapper’s clothing brand, which started after graduating from college – one thing that we can say about Big MG is that he definitely has the work ethic to succeed in the music business – His work ethic has even helped him overcome his 70% hearing impairment he’s had since childhood – In his spare time, Big MG also helps other artists with music promotion and branding through his own personal brand, MG, showing the world that he’s a rapper who’s here to stay.

With aspirations to become a multi-talented music mogul as well as a rapper, Big MG is currently working on his new EP MAD, or My Audio Diary, which he claims will be totally different from anything he’s ever released before. He wants to use the EP as an opportunity to take the stage in the world’s eye and show them what he’s really about – fantastic old-school raps with a contemporary twist that no one will want to miss. The EP is scheduled to be released in Winter ’22-’23, so keep your eyes and ears open!

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