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JS aka The Best proves to be a true Renaissance Man

JS aka The Best seems to excel at all forms of art and does so quite well. A true entrepreneur, he has an artistic vision that incorporates commercial, artists, and film work. This range has allowed him a degree of freedom in terms of what projects he decides to do next.

Individuals unfamiliar with the name JS aka The Best might have heard his sound on ESPN, Disney, Oscar Mayer, and a whole lot more. The sheer number of household names includes a lot of sports, which honestly makes sense given the physicality of his sound. With inspiration from his hometown’s Go-go music, a subgenre of funk, the celebratory nature is immediately apparent.

Bossa Nova proves to be one of his largest statements to date. Throughout the album, the ear for melody is readily apparent. Vocals swim through these gorgeous works further adding to the sense of togetherness, the sheer live quality that he goes for. Everything neatly dovetails together into this vast series of patterns, woven together into a cohesive artistic statement.

Outside of his music work, he has started to transition to film, to TV, and acting itself. Given the attention to detail that he has already shown, it is apparent that he is going to be an artist worth keeping an eye on.

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