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Justin Mattock Revives the Classic Country Rock Sound

Justin Mattock has been an important figure in the Canadian music scene for almost a decade and shows no signs of stopping. The lyricism he brings shows how he has lived his life to the fullest. Ups and downs adorn his discography, from his debut single “By Your Side” to his highlights of today. Hundreds of thousands of streams into his career, he has proven to have a remarkable long-lasting aspect to his career. As he has evolved, so has his music, becoming more personal, intimate, and revealing to the audience. It is as if he is finally learning how to open up.

“Seventeen” adds to his already rich roster of songs. With this one, he looks back at the early moments in his life, returning to them. The cyclical approach to the songcraft suggests a desire to revisit the elements that made him who he is today. Guitars nicely serve as a secondary singer, underpinning the poignancy of his message. A lot of his sound and style deal with the navigation of emotions. Tricky things indeed; feelings are hard to master and more challenging to figure out. He brings the listener along on this inward focus, allowing them to reflect on their lives.

With an inherent love of the world around him and a deep understanding of how to invite the listener into a distinctive sonic universe, Justin Mattock is just getting started.

Check out Justin Mattock’s dope new track out now, “Seventeen.”

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