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Matthew Topper’s Brand-New Single, “Move On” Hits New Heights

Ever since the days of disco, electronic dance music has been evolving and mutating into new and exciting forms. Today, one of the most popular genres is techno house, a dynamic blend of thumping beats and synthesized melodies. At the forefront of this sound is Matthew Topper, who has been spinning records and packing dance floors for over a decade. Whether he’s playing at a huge festival or a small club, Topper always gets the crowd moving with his signature style of high-energy music. As a result, he is soon becoming one of the most in-demand DJs in the world, with fans clamoring to see him perform live. If you’re looking for a party that will keep you dancing all night long, then make sure to catch Matthew Topper in action.

Yung Berg’s “Sexy Lady” was a bonafide bop when it first came out, and Topper’s most recent tech house remake is set to take over dancefloors all over again. With its hypnotic beat and Berg’s irresistibly catchy vocals, “Move On” is the perfect track for getting up and moving. Topper’s clever production gives the classic track a fresh sound, while still staying true to the original. The result is a track that is sure to get everyone on the dance floor and with over 100,000 streams in just a few weeks, it’s clear that Topper is on his way to becoming a household name.

“My social media followers are some of the most loyal and supportive people I know. They follow me for new music releases, remixes, and the adventure I take them on throughout the process. They get to see the music industry through the eyes of someone who is doing more than just making music. Not only do they see me for my music, but they really get to see all of the crazy days and nights performing with and for A-list celebrities around the world. It’s truly a wild ride, and I’m so grateful to have them along for it!”

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