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NA Silva Raps with Roots from his Reality

A skillful way of exploring his entire upbringing, NA Silva shares himself with his audience. The vulnerability on display throughout his verses shows off thought-provoking clarity. His ease on the mic understates the difficulties he has faced in his life, which he tackles headfirst in his music. He explores his concepts with striking clarity, from medical to mental to financial to political issues. With a fondness for Kendrick Lamar very much in tow, he adds to the sense that Conscious Hip-Hop is making a much-needed resurgence.

How he has built up this skill set over the past decade is impressive. On his most famous track, “Normal Day,” he’s received over 160K streams on Spotify. His ultimate goal is to keep with his philosophy – reaching as many people as possible- to have his music resonate with them. More important than even popularity, his main objective is to find an audience with whom his unflinchingly honest exploration strikes a chord.

One of his biggest dreams for his work is to tour the power of his career. Given how he’s already traversed so much to get where he is today, from his scholastic achievements to overcoming crippling depression, realness resonates within his ever-growing body of work. Beyond his fondness for music, he appreciates the natural world, hiking around Georgia’s many trails and biking around Atlanta’s beltline.

“GET UP,” his latest release, proves the power and importance of his message, which is needed now more than ever.

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