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Ones to Watch: Meet Astarrboy

Astarrboy an LA based artist that trusts the process – proving that time, dedication, and effort can make a dream come true. From working with established recording artists 24Hrs, Vory, Nessly, and Guap Tarantino, Astarrboy is now bringing his own unique sound to the music industry. He started making music at age 15. At first just a hobby, then at the age of 19, he started releasing music and gaining traction on social media. After this, it was so clear to Astarrboy that things were within his reach and his drive is getting him to where he is today.

This is an artist that brings a new sound to the industry. Sure, there are influences from other artists like the use of auto tune and 808s. However, he definitely adds his own twist to it all. His sound is also due to his desire to get each track just right. He says,  “I would think that every time I was in the studio not delivering album worthy tracks was me failing. Now I look at it as a learning process. You have to fail to learn, especially in a creative process such as making music. Not everything you make will be a hit. Not everything you make will even be decent. Just have to keep going.”  When asked what steps led to his success Astarrboy points out, “I have seen tremendous growth as an artist, as a result of my hard work. I continue to improve and learn, and my streams continue to increase. I’ve also learned the importance of social media, especially nowadays in the music industry.”

His next big move is starting a YouTube channel to post more music videos and behind the scenes lifestyle content. As mentioned before, his focus and willingness to put in time into his art is what attributes to his success. He now has over 26 thousand followers on Instagram. On Spotify and Apple Music, Astarrboy has over 100 thousand streams worldwide in over 70 countries! He attributes a whole lot of this to his upbringing being born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

Astarrboy brings a new sound to the industry. You’d have to hear it to know. Check out Astarrboy’s music on Apple Music or Spotify.

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