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“Pull Up” shows Odi-Unknown’s sense of swagger with the utmost ease.

Odi Unknown, a 6’2″ tall artist weighing around 210 lbs., has gained popularity for his exceptional R&B trap music infused with rap elements that offer a distinct sound. His style has been likened to PartyNextDoor with inspiration from various artists ranging from Bryson Tiller and Young Thug to Trippie Redd, DVSN, Brent Faiyaz, Lil Yachty, and Cochise.

Odi-Unknown delivers pure post-party vibes on his most streamed release “Pull Up.”. The way the song steadily increases in intensity, allowing thepiece to become perfectly focused, feels visceral. He captures a sense of the contemporary, with the flashy aspects of the verses like private planes adding to the allure. Flows feel alive for pacing has this dreamy disposition. Part of this effect comes from the graciousness of the production. Elements of vaporwave are executed flawlessly. Trap beats add to the song’s relatively subdued nature. Sensual to its core, the yearning feels gorgeous, as the theme emphasizes physicality.

Glowing, glistening tones introduce the track. Neat vocal cutups suggest what is about to come. The melody has a dreaminess, one that emphasizes the otherworldly presence that permeates every crevice of the track. The bass rumbles by adding an emotional emphasis, making the work poignant. Word choice adds to this sense of want, a lust that absolutely drips with such affection. Verses play off each other, adding to the expansive aspect of the track. Letting the rest of the song drop out to allow full attention to rest on his voice adds to the sense of passion. Many layers get woven together as the finale enables the piece to go full circle, giving a sense of a universe that teems with an undue sense of life, fading out quickly, ghost-like in its ease.

“Pull Up” has a positive aspect that revels in the exquisite atmospheric lyricism of Odi-Unknown.

Mark your calendar for the exciting debut single and visual of “Dead Presidents” by emerging musician Odi Unknown, slated for release on July 21st. Ensure that your playlist is complete by adding this indispensable track to your collection – don’t let it pass you by.

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