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SHØWGUN a Shock to the System

SHØWGUN pulls no punches. A rock band with the right amount of kick, they draw from their life in a confessional fashion. Unafraid to get vulnerable with the listener, they directly confront the anxiety and depression that is contemporary living. Nor are they strangers to this – Ray struggled with his depression and searched for a sense of purpose, and he stumbled upon music during that search. Olive, Jax, and Aris use music to soothe their restless souls, whether adapting to a new place, trying to understand their since-passed father, or simply trying to get additional insight into life.

The classic rock elements give their message its distinct hook. Creative with their approach to the ancient sound, they give it a much-needed facelift. Had classic rock evolved rather than become a dinosaur act, it might have transformed into something a little like what SHØWGUN displayed on their tracks. Because while they certainly have a density to their work, it has a reflective aspect. Lyrics guide their life experience up to this moment and are as much for them as they are for the listener. In a way, they are cartographers of their future, trying to figure out the next steps.

A refreshingly honest quality adorns their output. This has attracted hundreds of thousands of views across their leading social media platforms. Even this early, they have inspired others, and hopefully, SHØWGUN will continue to fight that good fight.

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