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Singer/songwriter and performing artist Robert Cristian Jordan delivers an emotional performance in his single, “If Love Could Have Saved You,” off of his “Phoenix Rising” EP.

As someone who loves music—breathes it—I have listened to countless artists in all genres of music. While many singers can hold a melody or two, very few entirely live out a song the way Robert Cristian Jordan does. His ability to tell stories through melodies while putting listeners in someone else’s shoes is unmatched. He also upholds timeless standards by displaying an impeccable sense of phrasing and sublime songwriting to create music that can stand the test of time. Making pop music with that cinematic touch, he describes his writing process as a stream of moving images, thoughts, and movies from his head, which are then translated into paper.

Just recently, he released his 6-track EP, “Phoenix Rising,” which has been widely received with unanimous acclaim from a tremendous section of global fans who have come to fall in love with this artist’s impeccable musicality.

The EP is an ode to life over adversity, fatherhood, and his sons’ lives. Through his performances over the dominantly laid-back tracks, Robert transports a listener to a different place and makes them look at his life through a different lens. The song “If Love Could Have Saved You” is a single off of this EP and one of the most emotional tracks from the EP.

Starting on a laid-back, seemingly soothing vibe, Robert Cristian takes center stage as a nimble vocalist with his glossy, powerful, and soulfully raw vocals—serenading a listener’s soul in inexplicable ways!

A listener can connect deeply with the lyrics through his raw voice. As the track builds, I love how those cinematic touches are added to heighten its impact with that telling percussion before the tune adopts its quintessential laid-back, mellow piano-driven melodicism!

Emotionally touching, “If Love Could Have Saved You” pays homage to the sheer power of love to help someone fight through their darkness, and it feels like Robert is singing from a Dad’s point of view, which is what makes this tune so emotionally relatable.

“If Love Could Have Saved You” is now streaming on all the major platforms; follow the attached link and let this powerfully raw single find its way into your playlist.

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