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Single Review: Introduce yourself to the wonderful rap world of Bo Blitz with ‘How You Doin’

On ‘How You Doin’, Bo Blitz has perfected a raw, cinematic rap sound that harkens back to the Wu-Tang Clan at their best. He’s an artist who deserves your attention. 

San Francisco-based artist Bo Blitz has positioned himself as one of the best-emerging artists you’re likely to encounter this summer, with each new release in 2023 showcasing just how much versatility he has to offer. 

The rapper, who has been making music for several years now, has honed in a dynamic sound in recent years, mainly through his collaboration with producers like Cosmo (from Wiz Khalifa’s Tailor Gang) and Anno Domini (from Anno Domination). Previously, he had extended his experience as an artist by working with Bay Area producers like Jonathan Moe (Cuban Links), Lil Reece (Tahoe), and Smackz On The Track (Wassup). 

His extensive collaborations result in Bo Blitz sounds like the complete package, even if he’s still a relatively new up-and-comer. On ‘How You Doin’, Bo Blitz comes out all guns blazing. Lyrically, he asserts himself as one of the best in the game while simultaneously aiming at his enemies in the most entertaining ways. “All you haters fate the same as Darth Vader/I’m immune to being broke, you highly contagious,” he raps, as he swats away his haters and keeps his eyes on the prize (i.e., a profitable and successful career). 

Production-wise, you can hear the same gritty hypnotic sound that RZA used for Wu-Tang albums. It’s electrifying. 

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