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Single Review: Poetic hip-hop artist Exetera shares ‘Waiting’, his most heartfelt song to date

‘Waiting’ is a startlingly relatable track about missed chances, agonizing regrets, and the habit we have of obsessing over things we did wrong 

Rap artist, poet, and visionary Exetera is gearing up for the release of his third album, Connected Disconnection, this November. 

Over eight years after the release of his previous album, Behind Closed Doors, his latest project marks a new chapter for the Las Vegas artist. 

Exetera has already teased new music from Connected Disconnection on social media, and he’s drummed up a significant buzz for his new songs on channels like TikTok and Instagram. 

It’s easy to see why. Exetera truly sounds like he’s at the top of his game on these new tracks, with ‘Waiting’ being a perfect example. 

‘Waiting’ is a powerhouse of a song. Exetera’s voice has a yearning quality to it that makes every single word on this track glow like fire. When he raps in the first verse: “Late nights, left you on read, and I know that it’s getting old…” his aching vocals offer a window into how small mistakes have a habit of playing on your psyche. 

The production on the track is straightforward and stripped back – and the song is all the better for it. The understated beat complements the very nature of the song – it goes round and round in your head like a question left unanswered. You’ll find yourself listening to it over and over again. 

Listen to Connected Disconnection from November 4th. 

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