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Aiden Pleterski – Life Story of the boy from Ontario.

Aiden Pleterski is a revolutionary 22 year old day trader in the foreign exchange and crypto market. The Canadian native, born and raised in Whitby, Ontario, began his journey into the crypto world in the year 2015 when he began playing certain video games that allowed an individual to trade crypto currency within the electronic world. He became fascinated with the aspect of using a different form of currency to pay for expenses within the game and began to research away from the screen the details of crypto and how exactly to use it in real life opposed to just the game.

Aiden’s research showed him that not only could an investment into a certain crypto called “bitcoin” be revolutionary over time but it could generate immense volumes of income as well. He then purchased a couple bitcoin when the average price for one was significantly low. As he held on to his investment Pleterski watched as his stock grew rapidly and his investment began to be worth while. While attending college at Fanshawe  in London, Ontario, Aiden was able to land a cyber security job at a company called Compass Group Canada. Due to his cyber security degree and increased knowledge of his craft, his employment consisted of overseeing operations for software being used in the point of sale department. Business’ such as Tim Hortons and other grocery stores in Canada relied heavily on the work Aiden and other companies like his own produced. However, Pleterski had other plans.


After working with Compass Group Canada for four months he quit to pursue crypto investing full time, describing the experience as “grateful but not wanting to work at a desk job his whole life”. After finishing his degree in spring 2020 he devoted all his time and energy into day trading and pursuing his entrepreneurial career. As of now Aiden has not launched his own cryptocurrency company but does have plans to launch his own coin however, as he has began talks to start the process of a “revolutionary coin” he states. “We are moving into a digital world and the key is bitcoin as it’s a deflationary currency unlike any other meaning it will always be appreciating in value unlike the US dollar or Canadian dollar” Pleterski pronounces when describing the future of currency. He continues “If the US government needs more money they just print more causing the current value of the dollar to go down, however with Bitcoin there is only a certain amount of coins circulating making the value of the currency infinite”. Aiden Pleterski is a prime exactly of a success story and believing in yourself. He now owns 13 cars and continues to trade on a daily basis. Aiden to conclude left us with this, “Do not focus so much on chasing the dollar amounts, chase percentages”.

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