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Twiggii is the Queen of electropop on the stunning Love It

Storytelling is of the utmost essence on Twiggii’s “Love It”. Done with a distinct 80s flair, her work neatly fits into the hybrid pop pioneers of Charlie XCX and FKA twigs. The atmosphere goes for a careful cadence, at times quite bubbly. A brisk tempo helps the track to glide among, adding to the inherent sense of energy. Best of all are her vocals that have such a playfulness to them. Despite the relatively sweet demeanor, her vocals convey, the lyrics open up an entirely different meaning. Multiple listens are required in order to truly appreciate the many levels the verses work on.

From the initial listen the message appears crystal clear. Yet there is a lot more going on underneath the surface. The vulnerability displayed attests to the sense of smallness, with the final surprise of overpowering, the hunter becoming the hunted, feeling particularly apt. However, this only tells part of the story. Right at the core of the verses is a spirit of defiance. A feeling of being able to overcome runs through the work. Not everybody can defy and that is not always in everyone’s skillset. Her deeper meaning comes from the possibility to take control of any situation, no matter how unlikely such an event might seem. It is from this inclination that the track truly gains its power.

“Love It” shows off a clear and careful narrative, for Twiggii explores the uniqueness of relationship dynamics.

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