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Who is Justin Miller? and how is he taking over the edm industry

Justin Miller has written a collective of songs for some time and now we are introduced to his premiere project, emotional EDM. The project serves as a direct personification of who the artist is— relationships, insecurities, experiences, and more.

Ironically, “Miller” is known for creating his own genre of EDM which is known as Emotional trap edm. “I call it an emotional trap because it’s all united by impassioned writing and provoking beats…I pull from so many genres.” And that he does, creating an erosion of the trap, pluggnb, and alternative genres. A culmination of serenades like “gigi/sunlight” and with an upbeat rhythm and boon’s grandiloquent vocals down to the concluding “I just wanna dance”, a sped down trap-enthused chiptune, another collaboration with loe4t.

There are a couple other impactful features including pop duo, deadph0ne, and hyperpop maestro, funeral, who actually appears on Justin Miller’s personal favorites in “Beat it”. “The song is about social anxiety and the writing, the bounciness of production, funerals feature, everything about it is impeccable to me.” I love the tape as it brings about some nostalgic components like Röyksopp electronic sound, while incorporating pop and some of that NY grime. There are a number of cool plays on sounds and synthesizing techniques that provide for an overall great debut body of work, cementing his stamp on the rising world. 

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