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Why “Jay Luck” Needs To Be On Your Radar

Jay grew up in the city of San Mateo, which is a city on the San Francisco Peninsula and currently resides close by in the city of Antioch, California. Considering himself ‘an artist free to be and do whatever he chooses’ and completely independent from his label may be the key to his rising popularity and success. Many listeners relate best to musicians such as Jay Lucky who go beyond one standard genre and change their sound to genuinely fit their passion. Describing his sound as a mix between D’Angelo, T-Pain, Dave Hollister, and Chris Brown, Jay relates, “Music has been my outlet since a child. I’ve always been able to find a way to express how I felt when I didn’t have the words. My upbringing was tough and with counselling and good friends I have been able to express myself easier and plan to even more so with my skills in the future.” 

Impressively, Jay Luck writes most of his music. While open to collaboration and features, he writes entirely for himself and even produces some of his projects along with recording and mixing them as well. This is not so surprising as the musician was born into a very musically talented family. Beginning to find his passion at the age of 9, the church introduced music to Jay Luck. Later he sang in a group in high school YMS, Young Men with Soul, where although very gifted in the field he did not yet take his passion for music so seriously. A turning point for Jay Luck was when he met a few friends who encouraged him to tap into his craft and believed in him. He explains, “There was a time I wanted to give up on music and I believed God had other plans for my life. This was right before I had begun to truly believe in myself and take my music seriously. I had lost about 200 songs on a drive that crashed and that sent me into a depression. I had stopped doing music for a few years and I spoke with a spiritual therapist around this time [2017]. Ultimately this helped me gain the confidence I needed to see how great I truly am and to push harder than I have.” With his newfound confidence, Jay Luck began to work his way into a full-blown musical career and for four years has not stopped. 

A family-focused man, the artist prides himself on centring his music around his own life’s experiences. Experiences with family and friends, past life events, and external influences like television and literature are all things Jay has drawn on to find his sound. “I grew up with very dysfunctional childhood dynamics,” recalls Jay Luck, “We were really poor and had to move around a lot so making and keeping friends was tough. Growing up the way I did create anxiety in me and I didn’t really recognize what that meant until I went to counselling and spoke with someone about what I was dealing with. They gave me tools that have helped me with understanding and coping with the anxiety. This is a part of my passion to help others in these same predicaments.” Along with his evolving sound, Jay Luck’s lyrics and inspiration cause him to stand out from his peers as well.

As he becomes a more established singer/songwriter, Jay Luck loves music and plans to continue building on his art. With large ambitions of making his mark on the industry, possibly working with artists like Snoop Dogg, and a long-term goal of running his very own label. Jay also has goals for his fans. He makes his music with the aim of influencing his audience in a positive way. “I want people to know they are loved and love is the answer. I’m sure I’m not the only one with a story and I believe that the traumas we go through are meant to be used as strength! I suffer from anxiety from time to time and I know depression. I want to reach people who may be down and need something that they can relate to help them get through. Whether it be just to be free in a moment and party or something for the mind soul and spirit and lasts forever. From young to older, I want to touch the hearts of people and eventually and maybe mentally or spiritually free some people all while having a good time,” he says. This year with much to come, the artist will appear on LyriQ Bussdown, a show giving a platform to indie artists and explaining the meaning behind their own lyrics. 

With past performances for Dubb Magazine and Low Rider Magazine, auditions for American Idol, and winning the competition Free The Artist in Las Vegas, Nevada against 20 other contestants,  Jay Luck is not stopping in 2022 with so much more on the way.



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